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Blue Hills Reservation

Riding in the Blue Hills is a mix of fast fire roads and technical rock gardens. Oh, and there's a hill around every corner, too. Watch out for horses on the fire roads, and pick up a mountain bike trail map at the Headquarters trailhead. Trails marked in red are off-limits to bikes. Every intersection in the Blue Hills is marked with a 4 digit number, shown on the map. The Blue Hills are a great place to hike, as well!

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Author: Dan Foster

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Keywords: blue hills, mountain biking, milton

Blue Hills Mtn Bike Trails
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Calibration Point: [1.0, 1.0] -> [42.228475501, -71.120628643]

Calibration Point: [939.0, 1.0] -> [42.228338019, -71.064200124]

Calibration Point: [1.0, 599.0] -> [42.201942738, -71.120819073]

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