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F. Gilbert Hills State Forest (Foxboro)

Foxboro is open year-round, making it a great place to ride during the winter months. As you get further around the loop (riding counter-clockwise) the trail gets harder and harder, until you reach a two mile stretch of continuous rock gardens and hills which will challenge any rider. As a reward, after the last bridge, the trail races back to the parking lot on a fast downhill road with some fun jumps.

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Author: Dan Foster

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  1. 1942 (Dot)
  2. 1903 (Dot)
  3. 099393 (Dot)
  4. 0977 (Dot)
  5. 0996 (Dot)
  6. 1932 (Dot)
  7. 099342 (Dot)
  8. 0952 (Dot)
  9. 0951 (Dot)
  10. 0846 (Dot)
  11. 0846 (Dot)
  12. 0855 (Dot)
  13. 0851 (Dot)
  14. 0799 (Dot)
  15. 1811 (Dot)
  16. SPLIT TREE (tree)
    A wierd tree with a hole through the trunk
  17. ACORNTRAIL (Hiking Trail)
    Acorn Trail
  18. ACORN TR 2 (Hiking Trail)
    Acorn Trail #2 crosses the Megley Trail
  19. BC SPLIT (Junction)
    B and C Loops Split. Short loop - go left. Long loop (adds a mile) - go straight.
  20. BC JOIN (Dot)
    BC Routes join again
  21. 2729 SPLIT (Trail Intersection)
    Bike Loop Split - Junction and sign at top of first hill of bike loop.
  22. 1946BRIDGE (Bridge)
  23. CELLARHOLE (Building)
    Cellar Hole in wetlands
  24. CHICKN (obstacle)
    Chicken Rock We named it Chicken Rock because I was too chicken to ride down it.
  25. CRAZY ROCK (Rock)
    Crazy Drop Rock A 30-foot rock face to ride down, if you dare.
  26. 1835 (Truck Stop)
    Dirt Road
  27. GRANITE ST (Road Crossing)
    Granite Street
  28. 1952 (Trail Head)
    Hiking Trail
  29. HIGH-WOLF (Road Intersection)
    Intersection of High Rock Rd & Wolf Meadow Rd
  30. MEGLEYHIGH (Road Intersection)
    Intersection of Megley Trail and High Rock Rd
  31. ROCKW-WOLF (Road Intersection)
    Intersection of Rockwood Rd and Wolf Meadow Rd
  32. LAKEVIEW (Road Crossing)
    Lakeview Road
  33. 1965 LEFT (Junction)
    Left Turn Trail turns left and skirts pond.
  34. MEGLEY 2 (Dirt Road Crossing)
    Megley Trail #2
  35. MEGLEY 1 (Dirt Road Crossing)
    Megley Trail Crossing #1
  36. PARKINGLOT (Parking)
    Parking Lot at Ranger Station
  37. RADIOTOWER (Radio Tower)
    Radio Tower
  38. RIGHT TURN (Intersection)
    Right Turn! This intersection isn't marked. Go right.
  39. 0976 ROAD (Truck Stop)
    Road Crossing
  40. 0953 ROAD (Road)
    Road Crossing
  41. ROLLINGROC (Rock)
    Rolling Rock There used to be a huge boulder at the top of this hill. Where it rolled to, nobody knows.
  42. ROOTROCK (Rock)
    Root Rock - This is a climb up a bare rock with a nasty root at the bottom where we took some photos.
  43. SANDPIT (Sand Pit)
    Sand Pit on Route 1
  44. WARNERSIGN (Trail Intersection)
    Trail sign for the Warner and Acorn Trails
  45. 1834 (Crossing)
    Water Crossing at the end of the ride
  46. HOLE17 (Water Hole)
    Water Hole #17 on the Warner Trail
  47. HOLE4 (Water Hole)
    Water Hole #4



FOXBORO (Track 2)

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